Youlean - Freq-Balancer



No longer available!

First of all, I want to thank Olav S. Flaa (osflaa) for idea, and big help for making this plugin! 

Youlean Freq-Balancer is simple tool that will help you with mastering by balancing frequency response of your songs.

What this plugin does:

Freq-Balancer analyzes the frequency content of an audio signal and automatically applies an equalizer that evens out the frequency balance towards a curve found on many commercial tracks. When Freq-Balancer analyses audio, it measures the audios frequency content over a period of time. It splits the incoming audio signal into 7 frequency bands. Then it measures and compares the audio levels within each band. Finally it applies EQ to compensate for any uneven frequency balance.

Typical applications:
The Freq-Balancer is mainly designed for mastering, but it can be used when mixing down songs, as well on the separate tracks. It can be used for analyze purposes only, or for both analyzes and correction. It can be helpful if you don't have high quality studio monitors, or if your room has no acoustic treatment, and the tracks you produce tend to have uneven frequency response. 

Tips for mastering:
For best detection you must find the loudest and busiest part in the mix and then click “Learn”. Try to avoid esses in vocals as it can make the result of analysis less accurate. To avoid it, you can loop part of the audio that doesn't contain esses. You will achieve best results if you insert this plugin after a compressor or limiter and then add the final master limiter after it, because too much dynamics could produce high spikes in some frequencies which will affect analysis. In most cases default settings will work well.

Before you do anything with the plugin, it is highly recommended to read the manual by clicking on the "Help" button.

In mp3 example you will hear how successful this plugin balanced frequency response of many different songs. Default settings was used, with added limiter after it. As you can hear in "Youlean Freq-Balancer On", songs have almost identical frequency response. 

Youlean Freq-Balancer Off 

Youlean Freq-Balancer On 

If you have any problem with the plugin, please contact me. I can't solve problems that I don't know that exist.


Changed GUI. 
Changed display, now shows more accurate representation of internal EQ. 
Added loudness normalization engine that will make plugin much easier to use.
Added option to switch between different FFT resolutions that could bring even better performance on lower end PCs. 
Added option to change FFT speed.
Added a lot of performance and memory optimizations. 
Fixed silence on song start in Sound Forge Pro 11 bug.

Fixed FFT not responding bug.
Fixed incorrect analysis when FFT=OUT is selected.
Added option to save custom presets.
Added help popup when hovering on a control.

Changed behavior of “Learn” button. Now it is always possible to activate it. 
Fixed compatibility issues with Steinberg products (Wavelab, Nuendo, Cubase)
Added “Check for Updates” button inside Help menu.